The Phenom

In this outfit I will be  focusing  on a few of the pieces from the current  We ❤ RP even going on, the land was pretty full when I got  there but  who can blame everyone on wanting to be  there with some of the  quality items they have there. I made my very own custom boots for this  outfit using The Forge Wastelanders boots delinking  a part of it and taking it off and then used the forearm armor from RS Onslaught Black Armor Set and attached it to the boots and with some careful placement and sizing I came up with this unique design and outfit, I hope you like it.

Phenom Cropped

Skin: Magnetize} Elmo Darker 1 (Hair Base 3) (Beard 4)
Eyes: RE_HD timothy’s blue
Shape: Custom
Polearm: LR Valhalla Polearm
Klaive: LR Magical Klaive
Bow: LR Black Hawk Bow [Elite]
Shield: LR Valhalla shield
Tattoo: cStar- Strange Aeons
GhostInk- Shox
Hair: [Burley]_Biff_Black01
Arm Wraps: DPD- Arm Wraps- Dark (Gacha Item)
Boots: The Forge- Wastelanders Boots (attatched with forearm armor)
Pants: Sugar for Men- Industrial pants
Horns: ::NM:: Bone Horns (Nightbringer) {We ❤ RP}
Belt: PFC~Role Belt- Viking (black)
Raid Horn: Primus.X Raid Horn light (Gacha Rare) {We ❤ RP}
Upper Body Armor: RS Onslaught Black Armor Set


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